Benefits and Qualification

1. It’s free to become a Victori'Ahh's Vanity partner/affiliate. Must be at least 18 to apply. 

2. Qualified candidate with a minimum of 5K active followers on each account Facebook and Instagram, or TikTok and YouTube; will receive an initial press sample box with our Victori'Ahh's Vanity must-haves and quarterly products.

3. Less than the required followers will receive a one time purchase discount code. More details to follow after application is submitted.  

4. Earn 10% commissions of all of your personal sales that have been tracked through your referral link/coupon.

5. 30-day cookie tracking.

6. Ability to track your commission and receive easy monthly payments.

7. Possible features on Victori'Ahh's Vanity social media platforms.


Program Terms & Policies:

1. By submitting your application you are agreeing to our partner agreement.

2. Website/Social Media with beauty/makeup related content. With a minimum of 5000 active followers on each either Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube accounts. 

3. Website and Social Media must include high quality content and established following.

4. Each time your unique link is clicked on is an opportunity for a sale. Each link’s cookie lasts for 30 days giving you, the Victori'Ahh's Vanity Affiliate, ample time to earn your commission of each item sold.

5. Commissions will be paid once you reach $50 in commissions. You earn commission if the order is not refunded within 30 days.

6. Be sure to fill out all details information on the app.